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What Will You Get In The Memoir?

A memoir is a creative retelling of events in one's life. While the content is primarily dependent on the person, below are some general topics that a memoir can cover.

Upbringing and Childhood

Memories of early life, when times were different. Such retellings are especially appreciated by younger readers born in a later generation.

Important People In Life

Influence of other people especially parents, spouse, children, mentors - what was important about them and how it shaped one's personality.

First Life Events

Certain events such as buying the first car, the first house, birth of the first child, etc., are always special and form an upbeat part of a memoir.

Professional Career

A significant portion of one's life is comsumed by work. It is full of ups and downs. Navigating a professional career always makes for an intriguing read.

Wisdom, Learnings, Values

Throughout one's life there are many lessons learned, views formed, principles practiced. There is much wisdom and advice to be passed on.

Travel, Culture, Society

Most people take interest in travel, meeting new people, exploring different cultures, being at peace with nature - all interesting topics to explore.

What's Included

Following is everything you will get once we finish working on the memoir for you.
  • One hardbound book
  • eBook (.epub, .mobi, .azw)
  • Publication on Kindle
  • Soft copy in MS Word
  • Interview vidoes
  • Edited audio bites
  • List of quotes
  • Cover graphic

Who Should Get A Memoir

Everyone's life is special in many ways. There are unique events, memories and learnings that are worth sharing with family, friends and the rest of the world. Below are few of many candidates for a memoir.

Senior Citizens

The longer one has lived, the more stories there are to be shared. There is also plenty of wisdom to be passed on.

Professional Czars

A great professional journey has plenty of upheavals and important lessons that best not be kept a secret.

Young Achievers

Whether it be sports, music or academics, young people can achieve so much and always have an interesting tale to tell.

Odd Ones

Introverts and extroverts alike, there are people who stand out in a crowd - their musings are extremely entertaining.

Our Process

  • We schedule a set of interviews between our writer and the client.
  • In the interviews, we get to know the client and explore the topics they wish to cover in their memoir.
  • Based on the interviews, we create a draft of the memoir which is shared with the client for comments and edits.
  • Our in-house editorial team also gets involved and produces a final draft.
  • Once all the edits are done, we work on publishing and provide the deliverables to the client.

About Us

We are a bunch of creative writers and life enthusiasts who love to bring out the stories in people's lives. There are so many stories hidden in all the different parts of the world. These stories have a wealth of knowledge, information and emotion. We believe that by bringing out these real life stories, people feel more connected and leave an indelible mark on society.

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