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Excerpt from  Chasing Tomorrow

- Sidney Sheldon

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HE TURNED AROUND AND LOOKED BACK down the empty church, a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach.

'She's not coming, is she? She's changed her mind.'

'Of course she's coming, Jeff. Relax.'

Gunther Hartog looked at Jeff Stevens with genuine pity. How terrible it must be to be so in love.

Jeff Stevens was the second-most-talented con artist in the world. Sophisticated, urbane, rich and charming, Jeff was wildly attractive to the opposite sex. With his athletic build, thick dark hair and intensely masculine aura, Jeff Stevens could have had any woman he wanted. The problem was, he didn't want any woman. He wanted Tracy Whitney. And with Tracy Whitney, one could never quite be sure...

Tracy Whitney was the most talented con artist in the world. It had taken Jeff Stevens a long time to realize that he couldn't live without her. But he knew it now. The sinking feeling in his stomach got worse. Thank God there were no guests in the church. No one to witness his humiliation, apart from Gunther and the crotchety old priest, Father Alfonso.

Where is she?

'She's fifteen minutes late, Gunther.'

'That's a bride's prerogative.'

'No. It's more than that. Something's wrong.'

'Nothing's wrong.'

The old man ...(more)


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